Google Maps API Experiments

By: Just van den Broecke.

The Google Maps JavaScript API is surprisingly simple and allows a lot of hacking as well. Please check out for examples of route playback and overlaying custom or WMS-tiles (the skate routes). All base development, among others, "Google Map Extensions", is now found on

Note (11.feb.2007) the original examples were based on Google Maps v1 API. I have now reworked the examples to work with the v2 API, using the documented API.

First basic example showing a Map in just a few lines. [gmap.html]
Play back GPX tracks using any HTML overlay with TLabel.

[ (skate tracks)]

[catalunya-2005 (Spain, bicycle tracks)]

Integrate layers on map from any WMS server and do transparent overlays.
For this I developed a simple JavaScript library.

[1st trivial overlay example]

[demis overlay]

[NASA/JPL Layers]

[Catalunya maps]

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